Recent Group News

MIG 2014

A. W. Bargteil and B. Jones
Strain Limiting for Clustered Shape Matching.

Best presentation award!


D. Gerszewski, A. W. Bargteil
Physics-based Animation of Large-scale Splashing Liquids.

T. Liu, A. W. Bargteil, J. F. O'Brien, L. Kavan
Fast Simulation of Mass-Spring Systems.

MiG 2013

B. Jones, J. Popovic, J. McCann, W. Li, and A. Bargteil
Dynamic Sprites.

Best student paper award!

A. Stuart, J. Levine, B. Jones, and A. Bargteil
Automatic Construction of Coarse, High-Quality Tetrahedralizations
that Enclose and Approximate Surfaces for Animation.

D. Gerszewski, L. Kavan, P.-P. Sloan, and A. W. Bargteil
Enhancements to Model-reduced Fluid Simulation.